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We at Simbesi know the importance of e-commerce business success. Mobile apps have not only enhanced customer experience, but they've also enabled companies to manage retail operations more efficiently. Companies use mobile apps to showcase products and services, while also offering an engagement point bridging digital and physical commerce.



Statistics reveal, “Health & fitness have been regarded as one of the topmost industry to speed-up the growth of digital devices. Additionally, the mobile health solution market worldwide is expected to reach $90.49 billion by 2020 from $21.17 billion in 2017, at a CAGR of 33.7 percent. People already feel empowered with more knowledge and say in their medical decisions. This certainly is a stellar announcement for those who have been keen on taking a more active role in their own healthcare.



The mobile applications have taken the learning to the next level! With applications, one can get access to the learning materials and much more anytime and anywhere. “According to a source, 99% of students believe the mobile apps enhanced their learning, and 100% admitted they would go for more training, if available in a mobile format.”


Social Network
& Media

We at Simbesi know the importance of social media. Social media is a platform where you can get in touch with different persons. When it comes to creating an online presence, it would be of two types: one is your own online presence and the other one is for your mobile app. The basic intent behind social media marketing is to enhance your visibility and engage more users in the app.



Mobile banking is a service provided by a bank or other financial institution that allows its customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Transactions through mobile banking depend on the features of the mobile banking app provided and typically includes obtaining account balances and lists of latest transactions, electronic bill payments, remote check deposits, P2P payments, and funds transfers between a customer's or another's accounts.



Simbesi holistic approach enables you to simplify complex and highly challenging transport and logistics business processes. The insights produced by an IDC report stating that the current adoption rate of Enterprise app stores is only 20% further highlights this reality.



There is no such industry that remained untouched and aloof from the clutches of the mobile apps. According to the stats of Business off Fashion, the fashion industry has witnessed a growth of about 2.5-3.5% in the year 2017, which was about 3.1% in 2016. One of the most positive influences that the mobile apps have on the fashion world that it encourages the loyalty of the customers.



Tour Guide mobile apps eliminate the need for brochures, maps, guides and other material, and allow you total control of your vacation. A mobile app, which has audio and video guides of all the historical places, restaurants, museums, etc. with GPS based maps, can be more than just empowering to a traveller. Guided tour apps not only replace traditional methods of travel, navigation and exploring, but also enable users to share experiences on social media as well.

Our Expertise

Augmented reality

At Simbesi, we deliver a clear pictured computer-generated perception image that will give you a clear composite view. We are clear leaders in the notch.

Internet of things

We at Simbesi know the importance of data to business success. With us, there will be no loss of data. We have the blueprint that will guarantee fast, safe and easy transmission of data from one end to the other.

Instant messaging

Your brand deserves real-time text transmission over the internet if you want to remain relevant. This is what we promise at Simbesi. We are the partners that you can rely on to deliver the best that will put your brand ahead of her competitors.

Maps and navigations

You are entitled to easy turn by turn navigation to places with the luxury of moving through the best routes from info gotten through real-time traffic information. At Simbesi, we promise you a guide that you will not get from our competitors.


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