Everything You Need To Know About Internet Of Things (IoT)

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The world that we are in has gone completely digital. The era of the retail outlet is gradually giving way to the era of the internet. Today, you can transact virtually anything on the web pages. The IoT is now the fad; if you want to remain competitive in today’s business environment, then you require a clear understanding of this concept under review. That is the main idea behind this article.

We shall look at this concept from the following point of view:

  • What is the Internet of things (IoT)?
  • What Are The Applications of IoT?
  • How Does IoT Work?
  • The Analytics Behind IoT?
  • Are There Risks Involved In IoT?

The areas listed above will be the angle from which we are going to look at this concept.


•    What Is Internet Of Things (IoT)?

Going about this definition in a layman’s language, the things contained in the Internet of Things refers to every object in your home that is connected to the internet. A few very common examples will throw more light on this. The thermostat that is controlled from an app on your smartphone is a perfect example. Another very good example is the coffee maker that is programmed to switch itself on when you get out of bed in the morning.

The two examples mentioned above are common in most homes and can perfectly define what we mean by IoT. A certain energy supplier from the Netherlands has launched an app that helps control the heating of your home right from your mobile device. To make it more exciting, there is in existence a coffee maker that makes ready your coffee in the morning just at the right time when you are out of bed by predicting accurately your behavior.

There are more advanced technologies that will soon become a reality in a matter of time in the years to come. The above sums up what IoT actually involves. Now, having known the idea behind this concept, we shall now take a look at its applications.


•    What Are The Applications of IoT?


The application of IoT can be found in the manufacturing sector. With the fast pace of development and the increasing demand from the ever-increasing population the world over, there is the need to replace the human interface with the speed that can only be guaranteed by the machine. This approach has now allowed the machines to talk to each other directly in the manufacturing industries so as to speed up the process of getting things done.

Factories are now been run purely by machines; they tell themselves what they need and it is supplied at the right time. This is no good news for labor unions all over the world; but then, the system is faster and it produces results at reduced costs to the manufacturer. More products are produced at reduced unit price. The IoT technology is responsible for the rise of robots that will definitely change the status quo in the manufacturing sector.

Almost every imaginable object that you find around you will soon become part of the internet of things. The in-road of IoT Technology has crept into the health sector of the economy; in fact, it now affects every way of our lives; the explosion will become a reality in the next few years to come.


Having understood the scope of the application of IoT, it will not be out of place if we now consider the concept behind how it actually works, this will enable us to have a clear understanding of the concept behind it.

•    How Does IoT Work?


Having gone this far with the definition and applications done with, we shall now take a look at the technology involved in this internet of things. This is one huge cloud application that is as smart as any supercomputer that you can find around. It is composed mainly of tiny chips which are very smart like the best supercomputer which allows it to do its own thinking through the network of devices.

They are programmed in such a way as to solve large problems that the human brain cannot handle; these are exactly what these digital devices are programmed to do. All the great things that the IoT technology is programmed to do can be effectively carried out through the control from your phone/tablet.

The concept behind the IoT of a thing is not difficult to grasp; it comes with a very clear user interface. Now, what do they do with the information that they collect? We shall take a look at this concept from that angle now.



•     The Reason For Analytics In IoT?


The IoT device is at risk of information overload because it has loads of data to deal with. The place of processing of the data notwithstanding, there is a lot to handle and they are not all relevant; it has to sort through all of them and set aside the data that are not relevant.

For instance, the information on the time that you will get out of bed is relevant to your coffee maker; but the data that your car is low on gas is never relevant to its functions. This is where analytics comes in handy in IoT technology. It is a process whereby the IoT brain decides what is useful and what it does not need to know.

The process is guided by human programmers, latest trends have introduced the use of devices and it is known as machine learning. This is an artificial intelligence that is useful in attaching consequences to its choices in a very limited manner.


•    Are There Risks Involved In IoT?

If the truth must be told, having gone thus far with this internet of things, there are real risks involved in the internet of things. When you have a huge amount of data gathered on one single interface, what will happen when the interpretation comes through? When you install an IoT device in your home; you are keeping yourself under surveillance; you have by your own making bugged yourself.

There is no more privacy for you with the installation of the internet of things in your home. If you have something to hide somewhere as with virtually everybody, then you have shot yourself in the arm because there will be hiding place for you!

Final Thoughts

The internet of things has its obvious advantages. It is a concept that has affected every phase of human activity. It has brought improvements to the way businesses are conducted as well as a marked improvement in the way we live our lives.


However, for every invention of science, there are associated risks involved. You cannot ignore this dark side of IoT.


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