Android App Development

We simply cannot deny the fact that Android is world’s most popular mobile platform and it makes a great deal of business sense to have a presence on this platform in the form of an application. We help to build innovative and highly scalable Android apps that set the benchmark for clients and helps them to grow their business.

Android App Development Process


We design an early model or layout to test the feasibility of the project and also to incorporate the more valuable perspective of the client. After deciding the basic layout we start adding and implementing the animations and interactions. We try to add life to the scrambled design in the most creative way possible to enhance user interaction.


Our first step is always to fully understand a client’s ideas, motivations, and goals for their app. By thoughtfully and deliberately engaging our client’s initial perspectives on the project, we are frequently able to parse out all the proposed application’s motivating factors. At times, our Requirements Determination phase has enabled us to help clients see previously unrecognized motivations and requirements that would provide greater value, additional benefits, or an unexpected competitive edge.


Once we fully understand the requirements for your app, we apply our design creativity and business acumen to render a pixel-perfect design that is not only visually appealing but irresistibly engaging to users. That won’t be just our opinion. You will have the opportunity to review and approve every aspect of your app’s User Interface and User Experience design.

4.Doctor's check/Testing

Simbesi doctors regularly includes generation and client based alpha and beta testing, reconciliation with external frameworks, and additionally long haul maintenance and development planning.


Once we are in complete agreement that your app’s design meets or exceeds your expectations, business goals, and requirements, we move to the development phase, where conceptual functionality is turned into reality. Throughout that process, the technical, creative, and business experience and skills of our world-class Android development team will inform and enrich your app’s development. Once built, your app will undergo rigorous testing to ensure that its features and functions perform flawlessly on all Android platform versions and device sizes and that it anticipates and meets all user requirements. We have done much to perfect our debugging and quality-assurance processes.